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TruckBerg Parts ltd. situated in Canada

About Us

Truckberg Parts Ltd. is an Independent wholesale supplier of genuine replacement parts for Trucks, Buses and Trailers.


Our Mission is opening the outlets of Truckberg Parts Ltd all over canada for helping  our valuable truckers who helps us in our daily lives.


Our vision is providing genuine parts of trucks on affordable prices for Truckers.

Let us go forward in this battle fortified by conviction that those who labour in the service of a great and good cause will never fail.


Raminder singh

Truckberg parts Ltd., an independent wholesale supplier of spare parts for trucks, buses and trailers was established by its founder & President, Raminder Singh in the city of Langley, BC, in the year 2020. Raminder Singh’s mission is to bring high quality spare parts at affordable prices to trucking companies, that would enable their trucks, buses & trailers to run thousands of additional miles without having to change these parts and making the roads much safer. His vision is to expand his wings by opening outlets all over Canada under the umbrella of “Truckberg parts Ltd.”, making his products easily available to trucking companies across Canada.

Under the ambitious leadership of Raminder Singh Truckberg parts Ltd. has expanded to the city of Abbotsford in the province of British Columbia and in the processes of setting up their first store in the province of Alberta, with their very first year of the company’s establishment.

Mr. Raminder Singh learned this legacy of Truck parts business from his Grandfather who started the truck parts business about a 100 years ago.

Under Mr. Raminder Singh’s governance he formed – H.R.International in India (www.hrbearing.com) in the year 1998. Exporting roller bearings and other precision parts to over 25 countries including the USA, Japan, Germany UAE, Australia, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, etc.

In due course of his 22 years journey in the business he figured out the best Manufacturers of these products around the world, who sold their products at affordable prices and establish relationship with them. He intends to bring these products and market them across Canada, making the roads across Canada much safer. Bringing quality products at competitive price would give Truckberg parts Ltd. a competitive edge in the market.

Raminder Singh’s long-term goal is to expand the company’s reach across Canada, focus on customer retention, build brand trust and boost the company’s ROI by focusing on Truckbergs’s product quality.

Raminder singh

Ceo & Founder