Headlights Accessories

Whereas some years ago most reflectors were made of sheet steel, the demands made on headlamps today, such as production tolerances, design, surface quality, weight etc. lead to the use of mainly plastics (various thermoplastics) for reflectors. These are manufactured with a high accuracy of mold reproducibility.

Mirrors Accessories

side-view mirror (often called side mirror), also known as the wing mirror, is a mirror placed on the exterior of motor vehicles for the purposes of helping the driver see areas behind and to the sides of the vehicle, outside the driver's peripheral vision (in the "blind spot").

Mudguards Accessories

 A shield over or behind a vehicle's wheel to prevent mud or water from splashing onto that vehicle or a following vehicle. Also called splash guard . A strip of leather, rubber, or other material added to the upper of a shoe just above the sole as protection against mud and water or as a decoration.

Mudflaps Accessories

A large flap behind a rear tire to prevent mud, water, etc., from being splashed on the following vehicle. Also called mudguard, mud flap.

Interior Mats For All kind of trucks

Rubber floor mats protect your vehicle. Heavy duty rubber mats are specifically designed to protect the front area of your  truck from the elements. Carpet anti-slip cleats keeps your floor mats in place. Universal fit with trimmable design. Protect and enhance your vehicles interior with the brand you can trust.

Wiper Blades

Wiper blades are like squeegees. The arms of the wiper drag a thin rubber strip across the windshield to clear away the water. ... Wiper blades are designed to attach in a single point in the middle, but a series of arms branch out from the middle like a tree, so the blade is actually connected in six to eight places.

Truck Horns

Truck Horns usually consists of a source which produces compressed air, which passes into a horn through a reed or diaphragm. The stream of air causes the reed or diaphragm to vibrate, creating sound waves, then the horn amplifies the sound making it louder.

Truck Radiator

To prevent your engine from overheating, your car pumps coolant through your engine - fluid that receives heat, and carries it away from the engine block. ... The radiator works by passing your coolant through thin metal fins, which allow the heat to flow to the air outside your car much more easily