Suspension Parts

Leaf & Parabolic Spring

parabolic spring is basically a leaf or a set of leaves which are tapered in a parabolic way rather than a linear. ... The tapering in a single leaf handles the force distribution from the vehicle to the axle and works as a complete multi leaf spring.

Shock Absorber

•The cylinder has been designed to support its stability.
•The low operating pressure prevents heat from building up in the shock absorber
•The application specific sintered metal pistons ensure precise and continuously variable dampening performance thereby improving driving safety. The piston rings support heat dissipation and reduce friction.
•The diameter of the piston to ensure more stable performance under high loads and compression forces are transmitted evenly.
•A thick lacquer coating increases corrosion resistance (tested in a 500 hour salt spray test).
•Due to their exceptional design and the high-grade oil used, the shock absorbers perform faultlessly in tropical as well as in cold regions (+40 to –40°C).

Air bag AirSpring

Air bag Air Springs are usually used in buses and light commercial vehicles. Recently they also started to be used in trucks by vulcanizing metal connection parts. Besides, they are used as a third axle spring or lifting spring in some vehicles.