Wheel, Brake & Hub

Brake Shoes

The brake shoe carries the brake lining, which is riveted or glued to the shoe. When the brake is applied, the shoe moves and presses the lining against the inside of the drum. The friction between lining and drum provides the braking effort. Energy is dissipated as heat


wheel bearing snap ring. Wheel hub – A forged or cast piece of metal that an automobile wheel mounts to. Wheel bearing assemblies typically fit inside the center of the wheel hub to allow free rotation around an axle shaft or spindle

Slack Adjuster

The slack adjuster assembly transmits the braking torque to the S-cam and facilitates the adjustment of clearance between the brake lining (brake pad) and the brake drum. It is mounted on the S-cam shaft. One end is connected to the brake chambers' pushrod.


Wheel Seal by Truck Berg. Don't just repair a leak, prevent future problems with a National Oil Seal. This part is manufactured using exclusive National Dynamic Edge technology that generates a dynamic pumping action to keep harmful contaminants such as dirt, moisture, etc. out of the seal and other wheel-end components.

Brake Shoes Repair Kit

Brake Shoes Repair Kit by Truck Berg.Heavy Duty Spring and Brake Achor Rollers

Spring Brake Chamber(Brake Booster)

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Brake Valves

Reverse modulating valves are used in negative braking systems for controlled actuation of a spring apply/hydraulic release service brake. As the pedal is applied, pressure to the brake is reduced causing the brake to engage.
-Relay Valves, Pressure Protection Valves, Spring Brake Control Valves, Quick Release Valves
,Dash Valve, Foot Valve
, Governor, Check Valve

Brake Discs

disc brake is a type of brake that uses the calipers to squeeze pairs of pads against a disc or "rotor" to create friction. This action slows the rotation of a shaft, such as a vehicle axle, either to reduce its rotational speed or to hold it stationary.

Brake Drums

drum brake is a brake that uses friction caused by a set of shoes or pads that press outward against a rotating cylinder-shaped part called a brake drum. The term drum brake usually means a brake in which shoes press on the inner surface of the drum.